"Against all odds, up in the studio, gettin' blowed
To the truest shit I ever spoke, against all odds
Hopin' my true motherfuckers know
This be the realest shit I ever wrote "            
-Makaveli / Tupac Shakur

Honors to the Pac reference, this song is right on time and in sync! 

Set backs, road blocks and more than enough disappointments where the outcome hasn't been favorable yet we stay striving to make our dreams a reality. This will be one of the more personal blogs i've written on this site since it's birth! I wanted to keep the focus on the music and music related events, ideas, tutorials and more. Who says things shouldn't get a little personal sometimes? Separation from the thing that frees us during times of struggle, grind season, working a 9/5, etc. can create a void that can only be filled with those things. 

Since being away from music I've experienced failed relationships, investments. business ventures that all have taken my attention away from one of the most important things in my life. Having your foundation shaken because of what may have seemed like a simple situation or choice at the time, turned out to be a mistake of dire consequences. Patterns show up in everything and everywhere. We can not escape them we can only master the information provided within patterns to bring order. A new way of looking at life and a better way to manifest the life you desire. None of this can happen while entertaining situations, thought processes, and ideas which do not seek to serve our highest potential. 

Fear allows us to feel trapped within our immediate reality. It provides such extreme weight it often burdens its carrier into a point of submission, so much so, we forget our soul's purpose is to create. Create at high levels both conscious and sub-consciously. Create in order to prevent blockages that can manifest into negative energy. All of my downfalls I take full responsibility because I made the decisions whether good & bad. I am also accountable for allowing myself and others to impede my personal progress when it comes to whats important. I've allowed bullshit situations and people into my life which caused me to get off track and it has taken time to rid those energies. Funny how once you get rid of certain things/people, energy really starts to flow in the right direction.  Only until we truly purge do we innerstand.  

Each day we have an opportunity to create the space we'd like to have in this universe. I've since put behind me anything that isn't in the best interest of my family and myself. Music has never left me and I doubt she ever will. I'm more inspired now than I've ever been. Peep the "God Samurai" beat when you get a chance! Let me know what you think! More quality opportunities than I can keep up with are coming my direction these days and I am truly thankful. I'm more confident in my sound, ear and the textures I provide within my music. Creating soundscapes to escape to! I'm honored to be able to continuously share my gift with the world. This is about letting go of the obvious and on to the newness that's waiting for each of us. 

Let's stay focused and creating that magic! 

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