Don't ever say I didn't put you up on nothing! Lol. Seriously, there's nothing new about Applied Acoustic's Lounge Lizard. One of my favorite piano plugins, I've been using since version 2, was recently upgraded. Lounge Lizard happens to be one the best sounding piano vst's out there and there are quite a few around. I really like the warm feeling it gives right out of the box regardless of it being a digital plugin. This plugin has been used in countless tracks I've created over the years. A must have in the arsenal if you don't already own it! 

Lounge Lizard EP-4 ships with a new streamlined interface, a new equalizer and compressor module, a new multi-effect processor, brings native 64-bit operation on Mac OS X and more. The factory library has been redesigned with more than 200 presets boasting the sought-after classic electric pianos as well as a great selection of custom pianos taking full advantage of the effects. 

What's new in EP-4? 

We took the most versatile electric piano plug-in to another level – it's our best sounding release to date. 
NEW Factory library 
NEW Compressor and Equalizer 
NEW Character control 
NEW Limiter 
NEW Streamlined interface 
NEW Bank and program manager 
UPDATED Overhauled effects 
NEW Native 64-bit Audio Units (AU) and VST plug-ins