never com-promise! EVER!
#WeAreMoor #MoorLivesMatter
"Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons."
Article I, Section 2, Clause 3

Eulogy 4 Black: 3/5 Amazin Fiscal Year in Review

Whew! I'm extremely glad to see 2014's fiscal year come to a close. What exactly did we learn this past year?? Nothing new really, more of the same things we've always known but were too bitch to create the necessary dialogue around topics not easily digested. Like most things as the old adage says: What we won't do someone else will. That is exactly what has happened in the mass amounts of media coverage given to the deaths and demise of the #Autochtonous man and woman! Specifically these attacks have been geared towards the melanated man aka the Black (misnomer) man. Unless you're living under a rock we are more than aware of the countless amounts of people of color throughout our nation that have been persecuted, beat up by police on the side of highways, jailed for unjust reasons, murdered by police etc. 

From #Ferguson to #TamirRice to #MikeBrown and a very many others that I won't name but we have not forgotten and we never will! We have been reminded with a many slaps to the face of how incorrect our status as a people truly is. There comes a time when we must put down the things that haven't helped to serve our communities in the best of ways. There comes a moment when we realize that what we have been doing hasn't worked! It has come to my attention and beliefs that what we title/label ourselves matters most when interfacing these corporate seas. We require well made boats that will stand the test of time over rocky waters instead of paper canoes without paddles hustling to get upstream all while lacking power! 

What have we learned from our dear ancestor #DredScott? Little to nothing. Some of us are probably scratching our heads asking who or googling just who in the hell is Dred Scott. Either way find out why Dred Scott was unable to obtain true freedom while holding on to the status of Negro/Black/Colored/Afro-American. He was considered then 3/5 a person and so are you as you hold down those unneeded titles of slavery and oppression. We can march, boycott till our hearts bleed, until we remove the veil from our eyes regarding nationality and status those protests mean nothing which is an unfortunate reality. You are and will continue to be 3/5 a person in the eyes of the corporate rapist machine especially holding on to colorable tern such as Black!

THE MUSIC: I wrote this song as a simple FCUK You to the cultural appropriators and also to the white supremacist construct that rules most everything around us. This is a synth heavy production where in my mind it is a Eulogy 4 Black as it being related to my skin complexion. The backwards synth, bass heavy funky tune is in homage to the most amazing people on planet earth. The original Matter- in Darkness and everything in between. Galactic Black!

Welcome forward a new fiscal year! Let's trust that in this new period we will stay aware of the taxation people of color around the world are facing. It is our duty to put in the necessary work to protect the interest of how our transmuting utilities(energy) are used. We are in a spiritual war for you souls and minds, it's up to you to stay ready and on point!

Keep it Amazin! 5/5!