As most music lovers are, I'm sitting with this today! I'm certainly not ready to give a review in full of this album because I'd like to listen many more times to truly digest all that it is. I am truly ecstatic we've been gifted with such quality music over this 24 hour period. You should see my face right now. I can't even focus on my own music and this has definitely lifted the bar for me!

For those who have been asleep, D'Angelo's long awaited return has finally happened and for many of us we are extremely happy about it! Scowering #Okayplayer and I find this little gem: 

Black Messiah has arrived. Enigmatic soul legend D’Angelo unveils the influences and inspirations behind his new album. 

On the first time he heard Prince :

“I was five years old. “I Wanna Be Your Lover” had come out, and it was a big hit. When that album came out, it was just huge. He really, literally, was the talk of the town. Everybody was wondering, “Who is this guy? Is he a guy? Is it a girl?” No one really knew who it was. I remember we had the album, and my brothers were just enamored by this guy. They told me, “He plays everything, he writes everything, he’s singing everything”, so I was hooked from then on. I learned how to play every song on that album, note for note, at five years old.”
On Joni Mitchell’s influence :

“I got hip to Joni Mitchell through Prince. I found out that Prince was a huge Joni Mitchell fan, so I listened to some of her work. My favorite Joni Mitchell album is Blue. Her lyrics, her purity as an artist… she’s very significant.”
On the most essential Sly Stone selections :

“I would say that it’s “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin).” For him to be as big and influential as he was – and then turn around and do that? I mean, he had already put his flag in the ground commercially. If he never wrote another song ever again in his life, he nailed it with that one. And, there’s Larry Graham’s bassline. A whole genre of music was created off of that.”